Service Teams

Service team or no service team? That’s the question! Here are the 3 options:

Option 1

You bring your own service team: a car, minibus, a camper or a truck/lorry and 1 or more mechanics.

Every service-vehicle must be registered, whether it’s a truck or camper from Europe or a locally rented car on Moroccon license plates.

Option 2

For those who want service, but do not wish to register a service team/vehicle just for themselves, they can “buy” assistance with one of the numerous professional and semi-professional service teams. The price of service may vary a lot between different teams, depending on the level of service they offer, the distance they have to cover to get to Morocco, the number of mechanics they bring, the extra services they offer (massage, catering, tent-service), etc. Best is to compare!

The Netherlands






Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia



Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary


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